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What To Do If Your Refrigerator Breaks

You open your refrigerator and find that it's not as cold as it should be. The power hasn't gone out; there's something wrong with your refrigerator. Most people rely heavily on their refrigerator for their daily food storage needs, so this is truly a disaster. Here are four steps you should take if it happens to you:

1. Call a repair service.

The first thing you need to do is call an appliance repair service. If it's after hours and the repair service is closed, leave a message and call again in the morning. You may have to wait for an available repairman, so it's best to make the appointment as soon as possible, in order to minimize your wait time.

2. Use anything perishable.

Unless you can get a repair appointment for the same day, you should try to use any perishable food in your refrigerator. According to the FDA, the food in your freezer will keep for up to two days, but the food in your refrigerator can go bad in as little as four hours. Use meat and dairy products as soon as possible; if you don't eat it within four hours, throw it away, as it may cause food poisoning.

3. Open your refrigerator as little as possible. 

When your refrigerator stops working, it may still be cold inside, thanks to residual cooling. In order to preserve your food for as long as possible, keep your refrigerator door shut. If you must open it, decide what you need ahead of time and make it as quick as possible. Don't stand in front of your open refrigerator deciding what you want to eat when it's broken.

4. Fill a cooler with ice.

If you're unable to get a repair appointment right away, you can use a cooler filled with ice to keep food fresh in the meantime. Avoid purchasing anything extremely perishable which could make you sick, such as meat or milk. However, this method can keep vegetables, fruit, and other more stable products from spoiling too soon.

Your refrigerator is an integral part of your kitchen. That's why you need a quality appliance repair service to help you. When your refrigerator stops working, trust an experienced repairman to fix it. They will repair any worn or damaged parts, so your refrigerator is good as new. Contact a service, like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service, to learn more.