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Top 3 Air Conditioner Choices For Your Tiny Home

If you have a tiny home that you want to park in a warm climate, you are going to want to make sure that you have the capability to cool off your tiny home. When it comes to cooling off your tiny home, you can use a built-in air conditioning system, a freestanding portable air conditioner, or a window air conditioner. These three common air conditioning systems offer different advantages and drawbacks for a tiny home.

#1 Built-In Air Conditioning Systems

If your tiny home is sitting on a permanent foundation, you may want to consider a built-in air conditioning system. With a built-in air conditioning system, you would need to add dust work under your tiny home. You would also need space near your tiny home where you could set-up a small outside condenser unit.

If you have a permanent location for your tiny home, a built-in air condition system can be a great choice because you can add the vents wherever you have space in your tiny home. The actual vents will not take up that much square footage and will work well with the layout of your home.

#2 Freestanding Portable Air Conditioning System

A freestanding portable air conditioning system is great because it is designed to cool off the same amount of square footage that most tiny homes take up. In larger homes, a freestanding portable air conditioning system is often used to cool off a single room in the house or is used to supplement a built-in air conditioning system. In a small home though, a portable air conditioning system can cool off your entire space.

However, a portable air conditioning system has its limitations. To start with, it needs to be vented outside, so you need to be able to vent the hose for the unit out through a window or through a vent hole in your tiny home. Second, you need to have the physical space for a portable air conditioning unit. The units are not that big, but in a home where square footage is at a minimum, it may be tough to spare that space. If you have the space though, a portable air conditioning unit can be a very effective way cool off your tiny home.

#3 Window Air Conditioning Unit

Like a freestanding portable unit, window air conditioning units are made to cool off smaller spaces, and should work great in your tiny home. Just make sure that you purchase a window air conditioning units whose square footage cooling capacity is as large or larger than your tiny home.

With a window air conditioning unit, you need a window big enough to fit a unit. You also need an outlet plug near your window as well. One of the great things about a window air conditioning unit is that it will not take up square footage or that much interior space inside of your tiny home like a portable unit would, and you don't have to make structural changes to your home like you would with a built-in system.

The type of air conditioner you need for your tiny home really depends upon your individual set-up.