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Give The Gift Of A Grill And The Gift Will Keep Giving

Cooking on the grill doesn't have to be limited to summertime. You can enjoy the flavorful meats all year long, so if you're looking for a gift that keeps on giving for that special someone in your life, now's the perfect time to gift a grill. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you choose the right grill and some accessories to go along with it.

Fuel Type

What type of grill do you enjoy? Do you like the smoky taste of charcoal or do you prefer the convenience of propane? Well, if you aren't sure which way to go, you can opt for the grill that has both options. There are three-in-one grills for you to fall in love with.

The three-in-one grills have a grilling space for propane, one for charcoal and even a smoker on the side. There will no longer be a need to store different types of grills on your deck.


How many people will need to be fed off of the grill? Will it be used for small meals for 2 or 4, or will you be hosting family gatherings and parties with friends? The number of people that you'll be grilling for will tell you how big of a grill you will need.

One thing to keep in mind when you're choosing the size is if you have the space to store and use it safely. You should always have enough room behind the grill to prevent fires from spreading. You should have at least a couple of feet between the grill and your house. If not, you will need to install a fire-resistant shield on the wall.


You have the grill, now what accessories do you need to go with it?

A cover – even if you plan to store the grill on a covered porch or in a garage, a cover will help protect it from insects, rodents and the weather. A grill cover should fit snugly and cover the grill entirely – including the feet and wheels. Any area that is exposed will be prone to corrosion.

Utensils – there's a reason that there are grilling utensils – those with long handles to protect your knuckles from becoming scorched when you flip those juicy steaks. If the utensils have wooden handles, make sure that they are stored inside – even if they come with a storage case, leaving those tools outside will cause damage to the wooden handles.

You can give the gift of a grill no matter what the season. If you're having trouble deciding on a grill, talk with your local grill sales person. He or she will assist you with finding the perfect grill for all of your needs.