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Out Of Order Again? Why Your Laundromat Needs New Washing Machines

If you own a laundromat, your business is affected by the condition of your equipment. If your washing machines are functioning properly, your customers will continue to be happy, which means you'll continue to see repeat business. However, if there are problems with your washing machines, word will travel quickly, which means your business will start suffering. After all, there are usually more than one laundromat in every town. If you're having trouble with your washing machines, don't postpone the replacement. If you don't think you need new washing machines in your laundromat, look at the problems listed below. If your recognize any of them, it's time to invest in new washing machines.

Your Old Ones Are Smelling Pretty Bad

If you have front loading washing machines in your laundromat, you should give them a good sniff. Front loading washing machines are notorious for developing some serious odor problems. Sanitizing them only works for so long. Eventually, all the cleaning in the world won't stop the foul odors. Unfortunately, once customers start noticing that their clothes smell worse after they've been washed, you'll start noticing a decline in your customer base. When that happens, you're going to start losing money. If you can't get rid of the odors in your washing machines, it's time to replace them.

You're Paying Out More in Refunds

If your refund slot is filling up with demands for refunds, and you're paying out more than you used to, you need new washing machines. Paying out a refund here and there isn't usually a problem. However, when a good portion of your customers are requesting refunds because your washing machines left holes in their clothes, or caused other significant damage, you know it's time to for new washing machines.

Your Repair Costs are Eating Away at Your Profits

If you're constantly placing "out of order" signs on your washing machines, and repair costs are eating away at your profits, now's the time to replace all your outdated washing machines. It's normal to have machines break down from time to time, especially in a busy laundromat. However, if your washing machines are breaking down at an alarming rate, and the repair costs are increasing each time, you need new equipment in your laundromat. Don't lose business due to faulty equipment. If your washing machines are causing problems in your laundromat, it's time to have them replaced with updated models. Contact a laundry distributor for more help.