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Glamping: 4 Tips For Upscale Camping In Your Backyard

Glamping is the term used for "glamorous camping," which is another way of saying it is a form of upscale camping. Instead of bringing out your dusty tent and making smores, you will have the luxuries of a hotel room with the beauty of nature. You don't even need to go to a campground for a fun glamping experience. Here are some tips for glamping with your friends or loved ones right in your own backyard.

Choose Your Shelter

The first thing you need for backyard glamping is shelter. You don't want to use a traditional camping tent. This style of camping goes to a higher level of sophistication and comfort. With this in mind, choose a chic party tent. They are large enough to accommodate different furniture and sleeping arrangements in the tent, plus you can decorate them how you like. Traditional party tents usually come in white, which is perfect. You will be able to hang lights and decorate it how you want.

Include Comfortable Furniture

Don't forget to provide seating in the tent. With glamping, your friends won't b roughing it and sitting on the ground. Provides some stylish seating in the tent, such as buying a small futon, which also converts to a bed for one or two people. You can also do some DIY furniture, such as spray painting tree stumps with a gold metallic spray paint for seats, or adding some inexpensive side tables with a shabby chic style. You want furniture for sitting and relaxing, sleeping, and tables to place dining essentials and personal items. (For info on furniture, you can contact AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses)

Decorate it in Style

Another unique thing about glamping is that you will decorate your camping space.  Pink and white are perfect colors for this style of backyard camping, but you can choose any colors you like. Go above and beyond what your guests expect and add some area rugs in the tent, hang string lights and lanterns for optimal lighting, and set out candles for ambiance.

Plan the Food

If you are going to be glamping in your backyard, you can either prepare meals outdoors like traditional camping, or cook it in your kitchen then have someone bring it out. If you have a barbecue, you can set it up near the tent area to provide hot dogs and hamburgers. You can also stick with the high-end theme of camping and opt for other food items, such as sushi or quiche. It is really up to you!